Dutch OSA guideline 2018

This page contains a summary of relevant information extracted from the Dutch guideline on obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). The guideline was published on the website of the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists in 2018. The guideline consists of several modules. The modules of which English translation is available can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink. In all the modules that deal with diagnosis and/or therapy of OSA conclusions of systematic reviews and recommendations based on GRADE evidence classification are mentioned.

Module 1. The concept of OSA – actual insights

Module 2. Drug-induced sedation endoscopy (DISE)

Module 3. Treatment of OSA

Module 3a. Treatment with CPAP
Module 3b. Treatment with MAD
Module 3c. Treatment with position therapy
Module 3d. Treatment with ENT surgery
Module 3e. Treatment with nervus hypoglossus stimulation
Module 3f. Treatment with maxillofacial surgery
Module 3g. Combination treatment

Module 4. Effect of treatment of OSA on comorbidities

Module 5. Improvement of treatment compliance to CPAP

Module 6. Treatment of OSA in elderly

Module 7. Anesthesia in patients with OSA

Module 8. Organisation of care for OSA

Module 9. Patient education in OSA